7% - Someone Save Me

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

""You feeling okay?" His gaze was filled with concern. "We can pick up some coffee on the way."

  I shut the door behind me. "Sure. Whatever." He hadn't complemented me on my hair or outfit - my Chloe baby-blue sleeveless dress with the hem no more than four regulation inches above the knee.  The silky black ribbon that held my hair back in curling ponytail, my matching black Miu Miu ankle-wrap heels.

  My diamond earrings and Patek Phillippe wristwatch served as my only jewerly.


  *     *     *


  "I climbed out and collected my book bag, groaning under the weight, hoping Brand would take a hint.  He didn't.  So, on an already stifling morning, I would be schlepping my own stuff."


    *     *     *


"This is my world; my little queendom--"


I love Kresley Cole but this book and I are running into some major relationship issues early on.  I'm only 7%(2 chapters) in and I already want to bitch slap the heroine. I guess she wants a trained pet as a boyfriend, one who will compliment her at every turn and carry her bags for her.  Of course she does, she views herself as a queen.