DNF - Hated the Heroine

Risk No Secrets - Cindy Gerard

So far, I have really liked this series and I will continue the rest of it but I can't even think about continuing reading this wreck.  Usually I would try to read through this book because it's part of a series but when all you want is to do is punch the heroine then it's no good.  Also I feel love triangles in a romance book suck.  I can take them in UF or fantasy or any other genre but put it in my romance and I'm already marking the book down.


So Sophie, our heroine, and Wyatt met twelve years ago where Wyatt and his best friend, Hugh, both tried to woo Sophie.  Hugh won because he was hawt and dashing and Wyatt was just the poor dependable guy. Sophie marries Hugh and Wyatt is the best man, what? That was just cruel. 12 years later, Wyatt is still pining after Sophie. I hated that.  Hell, I wished he got together with the woman, Carrie, in the beginning of the book. At least she saw him as a first choice and not a second.  I didn't understand his fascination with Sophie.  I mean seriously, she was boring and a goody two shoes.  


Sophie calls Wyatt after trying to call her ex-husband after her daughter was almost kidnapped but her friend was.  That's what I got from this book, Wyatt was always second, never first, to Sophie.  Fuck, there was even another stupid love triangle between another flashy guy who wants Sophie and Wyatt. I can see the author seeing this as redemption for the heroine, for her to finally make the right choice but fuck it, I'm done.  I skimmed to the end but no matter what I read, I only viewed the heroine in a bad light.  She didn't deserve Wyatt.