Review: The Best Man

The Best Man - Kristan Higgins

I really can't believe I finished this.  The characters sucked and truthfully I really didn't understand their so called romance. This is my very first Kristen Higgins book and my last.



Faith dated this guy, Jeremy, for 8 years where with the encouragement of his friend Levi, Jeremy dumps Faith at the altar because he is gay.  Faith moves to San Francisco but has no luck with any guys, they are either gay or married, then comes home when her sister tells her a gold digger is sniffing around their father after being gone for 3 and half years.


Faith is a woman who is obsessed with marriage.  She fully admits that she would have married Jeremy even though he was gay.  When the book starts, she is stalking a guy whom she has been on a date with 2 or 3 times.  She is sitting in her car watching this guy's house and him as he is watching sports on T.V. while trying out their names together, Clint and Faith, Faith and Clint, Faith Blount.



Then she goes on a date with this guy to find out he is married when his wife comes storming in with their 2 year old child and she repeatedly calls Faith a whore.  I mean, she must have said whore like a dozen times and at the end her child calls Faith a whore.  



Faith doesn't want to swear in front of the child(yeah because his mother is doing a good job of doing that) so does a piss poor job defending herself. I felt this scene added nothing but surely annoyed the hell out of me. 


Anyways Faith goes home, forgives Jeremy extremely quickly but holds  a major grudge against Levi.  Jeremy feels guilty and he seems like a nice charming guy but WTF? He wasted 8 years of your life and you're just like let's hold hands and be besties.



Then there is Levi, the hero.  So he knows Jeremy was gay from the first time they met which was a little before Jeremy got together with Faith.  Don't really get how he knew Jeremy was gay from just looking at the guy but whatever.  The thing is, he could have told her or forced the issue with Jeremy but he chooses not to until the wedding.  Better late than never, I guess.  I completely blame Jeremy for the timing.  Why couldn't he have done it before the wedding, before they got to the alter.  Instead, he had to publicly embarrass Faith. Actually, there is a lot of embarrass Faith scenes in this book which I felt completely unnecessary.  



Anyways back to Levi.  Levi and Faith hate each other, sort of.  Faith is definitely pissed at Levi for not telling her about Jeremy being gay and Levi has a stick up his ass because his family was poor and he hate rich people, a.k.a. Faith.  Faith is too bubbly and people pleasing and do gooder for him.  Levi is an ass and a bit of a chauvinist.  Grew up poor, served in the military and now is the chief of police in their small town.  He really likes Faith's boobs, like a lot.


So their relationship/romance was pretty shitty.(Spoilers Ahead

They meet a few times in the first 50% of the book but usually only to argue and get at one another.  The rest of time is filled with their families and friends.  Faith moves right across from Levi and becomes his neighbor.  She has a seizure(she has epilepsy) and her dog gets Levi.  Levi takes care of her for the night then kisses her in the morning and then calls it a mistake.  Faith is pissed and they argue some more.  The Levi kisses her again and she is confused.  Some more shit happens with family, Levi is nice to her and then they are having sex(no hot steamy sex in this book T-T.) Anyways they have lots of sex, go on one date and then Levi's ex-wife shows up.  Levi shuts down and doesn't see Faith for a couple of days.  When he does decide to show up, she is packing because she has a job in San Francisco that will take 4-6 weeks but she plans to move back.  He gets mad that she didn't tell him.  She didn't tell because she just found out a couple days ago and he wasn't talking to her, and so he dumps her.  After weeks, Levi decided he made a mistake and hops on a plane to California to only find out she is back home.  He finds her, tells her he will work on opening up more, and proposes to her.



Yeah, arguing and sex makes a relationship. *heavy sarcasm*  Not to mention that they went on 1 date and he proposes to her.  


A lot of the humor is belittling of others.  A transgender being called a she-male.  There was an uncomfortable scene when Faith goes on a date with someone who is into BDSM. I really don't think anyone in the BDSM lifestyle would ask some random person if they liked being spanked and submissive unless they knew they were from the same lifestyle or at least curious about it. Sometimes it was just too much.