Review: A Quick Bite

A Quick Bite - Lynsay Sands


I read this because I have read one or two of Lynsay Sand's historical romances and liked them.  This was my second try at reading this because the first time I couldn't deal with the stupidity thrown at me in the beginning.  


The first 50%



As I said, I had a hard time getting around the stupidity at the beginning.  Lissi was like a teenager and not some 202 year old vampire.  She made many stupid mistakes that I couldn't understand why she wasn't dead or at least found out.  Then you have to deal with all the family members.  I had a hard time keeping them all straight, there was so many and they just kept popping up. 


But the worse offender was the hero, Greg.  He was so nonchalant about everything.  I can see a little confusion early on about why he went into the car's trunk but once he found out they can read his mind, shouldn't that have been a clue that something weird was going on and that maybe he wasn't in control of stuffing himself in the trunk.  But really he took things so easily, from being kidnapped, to finding that these people could read his mind, and even when he found out they were vampires.  He never panicked or freaked out and just accepted it like it was something normal. But he sure was stuck on wanted to be a sex slave.


as if the cat would care that something disturbed it



I did enjoy Lissi and Greg's romance.  It was sweet and saved this book for me.  I especially liked it when they got away from the rest of the family. I also like the idea of how vampires came to be in this book.  It was something new and different, a little sci-fi-ish


But the villain, OMG, was so stupid.  I knew who it was and why in the first couple of pages of this book.  Most people will figure it out really quickly.  I couldn't help but think Lissi was an idiot because she couldn't figure out who was trying to kill her.



I mean really, it was so obvious.  At at the end, I wanted to roll my eyes.  Of course, let's all be nonchalant when there are guns pointed at us.  Yes, let's just make jokes and oh, let's try not to kill anyone because they are just confused. Pssh.


On the last note, I hate books that describe the women so lovingly but we never get a description about the males.  This book went on and on about all the woman and their eye color and hair color but practically described nothing about the men except maybe Greg's chest. *sigh*



I will at least read the next one since there was also a few things that usually just don't work for me anyways but I think this series has potential to be good.