My Cat: Boots


So, I have and love my two dogs but I also got this cat.  His name is Boots and he came to me unexpectedly.  He was just a kitten when he was out in the middle of the road playing with fireflies and my friend almost ran him over.  He just kept on playing so my friend picked him up.  She couldn't have any cats so she asked for me to watch over him for the night and that we should try to find the owners the next day.



Let me say, he was a handful even then.  He loves to attack feet and kept me up all night doing just that.  The next day we looked and found his owner.  She didn't want him so I ended up with a cat.  He is kind of dopey, loves to run into walls and likes to be hung upside down.  He has a tiny cry which he uses to demand attention.  He loves attention.  And he sleeps in funny positions, lol. =)