Review: The Sharpest Blade

The Sharpest Blade - Sandy Williams


To say I'm disappointed in the final book of this series is an understatement.  It wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't so much time spent on the love triangle whom everyone knew the outcome of.  I thought everything in this story got shafted for McKenzie whining about the bond and Aren repeatedly.


McKenzie seemed very immature and needy in this book.  There is a fucking war going on and she is worried about Aren ignoring her or Kyol being able to feel her feelings. She spends 3 weeks working at the help desk of a library where she is so bored that she repeatedly checks her e-mail.  Does it ever enter her mind to practice shielding her mind from Kyol.  Nope.  Instead, let's complain about Aren not seeing her for 3 weeks instead of trying to fix something that is bothering her.


I do understand Aren having reservations about being in a relationship with McKenzie because who wants another guy who loves your girlfriend knowing when you have sex and how she is feeling.  Big roadblock and eww.  Do they do the adult thing and all sit down and discuss this.  Umm, no.   Aren becomes an ass.  He is hardly in this book and when he is, I just wanted him gone because he annoyed me so much.  I was so cheering when Mckenzie gave him an ultimatum  but she of course somewhat backtracks, and becomes needy again.  She just has to convince Aren that he is being stupid and that love conquers all things and they belong together.  Yep, that's all.


Then the plot holes.  




You know why didn't the false blood just kill Aren and Lena instead of knocking them out and storing them all in one room?  I mean, I understand his hate for McKenzie and wanting to torture her but the others, nope not buying it.

(show spoiler)


And what happened to Lorn? Dead? Alive? Who knows? Is she creating another story in this world because there are some things that still need to be explaining?

Lorn? Lee? The lifebond between Kyol and McKenzie?

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These things were not explained or solved. I'm hopeful that she will though I think maybe she should avoid love triangles the next time around. 


I still really like the world and I liked that people actually died in the war, though a bit sad especially about one certain death. T-T It was just sad.  I did enjoy the fight scenes and everything, I just wished there was more.  More action. more time with side characters that are not Kyol or Aren, more information on everything.  I was actually rooting for Kyol because he seemed much more interesting in this book than Aren which I thought I would never say. 


I do like the author so I'll read another book by her but hoping that it won't have a dragged out love triangle like this series had.