No, just hell no.

Come Away With Me  - Kristen Proby

DNF- 7%


I did try but OMG what a mess. 


The word beautiful is used 189 times.  I looked it up on my kindle and yes counted them all because I couldn't believe how many times this word showed up.



It's time for an author to meet a thesaurus when a word gets used that many times, on consecutive pages and on the same pages.  


I felt that dialog between Luke and Natalie was super cheesy.  Actually, I just really didn't care for the writing at all.


Luke came off as a creep.  Really, he glares and gets angry at Natalie for offering to pay for her half of the bill. Then he acts weird out in public but you know our super smart heroine drives him home and goes in his house the first day of their meeting each other. 



And Natalie who doesn't know abut movie stars and such because she has no time to watch movies, knows about the Kardashians. *smh* 


And the last thing was that I felt everything was about outward appearances.  Okay, I like to be called beautiful every once in a while but I would also like be complemented about other things as well. These two just kept on going about how beautiful each other was.  


I'm just happy I got this for free.