Started Good, Went to Hell in the Middle

Winters Heat - Cristin Harber

At first this book starting out really good for me. It was fun and though Mia confused me sometimes, I really liked Winter. Then came the middle of the book and I was like WTF!?! Winter did some really stupid things for someone who is supposed to be part of an elite black ops team.

A. He takes someone who is being chased by baddies to his home where his mom and infant daughter are. Despite the blurb, the safe houses weren't compromised.


B. He tells her she can borrow his car and go buy a dress in town for their date the next night even though she is still being hunted. 


C. He leaves Mia alone with his infant daughter and goes too far away too help when the baddies come to get her. 

Reaction GIF: what the fuck?


I'm stick me with a fork done with this book.