DNF after Chapter 1

Urban Shaman - C.E. Murphy

I had decided not to try this series after reading Heart of Stone by the same author and DNFing it cause it was utterly boring. But lately I have been hearing a lot of great things about this series so I gave it a try. 

DNF - After Chapter 1

Reasons why:

1- The heroine is in a plane that is up thousands of feet in the air and can see all this in the dark with only a street light for illumination:

- that a 'man' stepped out of a car
- that that man was playing around with a 'knife'
- that a 'girl' is running from a pack of dogs
- the girl's 'gait'

No, just fucking no. I don't care if the plane aborted landing because somehow the tower was so fucked up that they didn't know that two planes were about to try and land at the same time on the same runway. The plane would still have to be at a certain altitude when banking and circling back around. Meaning the plane is still very fucking much high in the air. It isn't like we're told the heroine has super amazing vision. She can just amazingly see all this detail. 

2- After they land, the heroine, who wants to hurry and save the girl, wastes time by arguing and threatening the pilot before she finally pulls out her badge. *smh* You know, people are a lot more cooperative if you would have pulled your badge out first. She knows she sounds crazy but still expects the pilot to do whatever she wanted him to do( I have know clue what she wanted him to do) without showing him her badge. So pilot was just suppose to listen to the crazy lady? -_-