Thrill Me to Death

Thrill Me to Death - Roxanne St. Claire

I really like Roxanne St. Claire's writing but this book totally missed the mark for me.  Usually I like the whole reunited lovers and all the angst it brings.  Well I felt no angst nor did I feel the love. Beyond that, this book really pissed me off by both character's stupidity.



Let's start this from the beginning. This review will have LOTS of spoilers!


Max worked and was a friend of Cori's father.  They were both DEA agents.  Cori met Max when Cori's father was having a gambling night with his co-workers.  She joined in playing poker with them all.  Cori and Max dated for a year.  They planned to get married and tell Cori's dad about it.  Her dad is not so happy about this and they argue.  Both her dad and Max leave in anger.  The next day, Cori's dad was dead, killed in a drug bust.  Max say he was too slow in saving her father.  Cori thinks he was purposely too slow.  Tells the DEA this to purposely fuck over Max.  Max get demoted without the ability to rise in the ranks ever again.


Where is the trust even?  I'm not feeling it.  I'm not seeing it.  Cori seemed like a bitch to me because she obviously had no faith in the man she says she was deeply in love with.


The sad part is that Max actually lied...her father jumped in front of him and saved his life by losing his own.  


So instead of telling Cori how heroic her father was, he lies for no fucking reason.  NONE!


Let's move along.  In less than a year, Cori marries a man 35 years older than she is, whom is a billionaire.  Okaay....I'm not against dating older people but when they can be your father or hell, even your grandfather, that is getting a little creepy for me.  She gave up her dream of being a lawyer, to be with an old billionaire even though she doesn't care about money or publicity and shit like that. 



5 years later, her husband is dead.  There is some suspicion thrown around that she did it.  There was also an incident where someone tried to run her over.  Cori hires a bodyguard under the guise of keeping her stepson, a drug addict, away from her when actually she want to look into her husband's death.


Lucy give Max the job as a test and to see if Cori actually did it.


And so the story goes.  Cori gets attacked a few times.  Usually when Max isn't there.  She even has a TSTL moments when she decides to leave her bodyguard behind and sneaks out to talk to people even though someone has already tried to kill her a couple to times. Even Max wasn't immune to TSTL moments when he leaves Cori with someone he doesn't trust because she begs him to.



The little four letter word was brought up a lot but never shown.  There wasn't really that many flashbacks and none showed the couple falling in love.  And after believing that Max killed her father, she really did have that much of a problem of him being her bodyguard, or him sexing her up.  Actually they had sex before he even told her to truth of what really happened that night.  


This is what I'm truly pissed about.  There was nothing showing why this couple loved each other, they just were.  The never really even talk much about the past.  It's like we're suppose to believe they are in love because of the past but were never shown how they fell in love in the past nor in the future.  No drama about her accusing him of killing her father.  No blame placed on her for ruining his life at the time.  Nothing.  He sexes her up pretty quickly, like the next day.



I thought the plot was alright, another double whammy of having two villains.  One you knew from early on and got his POV and the other revealed at the end. It still wasn't enough to save this novel.


Oh well, on to the next novel with all hope it will be much better than this.